Elephant Journal Article: Wealth is a State of Mind

Here’s my most recent Elephant Journal Article about the correlation between material and spiritual wealth. Enjoy!

Wealth is a State of Mind

“Can a person have lots of “stuff”, all the toys and gadgets they could want, everything in its proper place, piles of money in the bank—and still be miserable?

Yes, and it happens all the time.

I imagine there are plenty of millionaires in the world who are bored out of their mind or otherwise extremely unhappy, underneath it all! All you have to do is watch the rise and fall of celebrities to know this is true. How many people have killed themselves via drugs, alcohol or other means, who were filthy rich? Too many. It’s a sad, sad thing.

When I started studying feng shui, eight years ago, I wanted to know how this abundance stuff works. If feng shui is about our “stuff” and our surroundings, our work and living environments, how could I cultivate a greater feeling of abundance in my life? Was it about getting more stuff, to have more energy? Actually, I found that the opposite was true.

Most people focus on the stuff—on gathering stuff, on getting more stuff, thinking that it’s going to make them happy and then are surprised when it doesn’t. And then, that makes them want more stuff! It’s a vicious cycle.” Click Here to Read More!

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